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Are Oil Changes Necessary For Your Car?

Oil changes are the most frequent form of maintenance you will perform on your car. Most people will have this done twice a year but the benefits can sometimes be vague. Mobil 1 Lube Express + Tires Port Moody recommends getting it done every 6 months, but most drivers don’t really know about the long-term benefits. Here are a few ways getting your oil changed can benefit your vehicle:

1. Increase Gas Mileage

Old or poor-quality oil can cause unnecessary friction in your engine bay. This small amount of friction can cost you a large amount of gas. Frequent and high-quality oil changes will decrease the tension on your engine and allow your vehicle to run more optimally. If you feel like your vehicle has been using more gas than normal, it might be time to look into getting an oil change done!

2. Reduces Engine Wear

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Your engine oil is the lubricant that keeps your engine from facing unintended abrasion. Having old oil in your engine can not only cause more friction but also a buildup of residue from the shaved metal and burnt oil bits (we will save you the dirty details). These components all contribute to poor engine health and can be easily resolved by getting your oil changed on time.

3. Longer Engine Life

While having an oil change is not going to necessarily prevent issues in other components of your vehicle, your engine is arguably the heart and soul of your car. Ensuring your engine oil is maintained can drastically extend the life of your engine itself and that alone can be the reason your old faithful decides to push on for a few more years. 

4. Provides Engine Lubrication

Your car produces a lot of heat to keep itself running. The main cause of an overheated engine is untimely oil changes. Having a strict schedule recommended by your Mobil 1 Port Moody technician is essential to prevent a whole array of issues.

oil change in coquitlam done at the port moody mobil 1 lube express + tires.

Getting timely oil changes is one of the most crucial pieces of advice any car mechanic can give you. While maintaining your engine doesn’t necessarily ensure your car will last X amount of years, it can be the difference between a car that lasts 5 years, and a car that lasts 20. 

Your experienced oil change team at Mobil 1 Lube Express + Tires Port Moody is happy to partner with you to recommend an oil change schedule that suits your vehicle best.