Why they are important...

Batteries are the heart of the car’s electrical system and help to power the modern convinces you enjoy. All the added extras to your vehicle run off of the battery.

Common battery faults include:

  • Shorted cell due to failure of the separator between the positive and negative plates
  • Shorted cell or cells due to build up of shed plate material below the plates of the cell
  • Broken internal connections due to corrosion
  • Broken plates due to vibration and corrosion
  • Low electrolyte level
    Cracked or broken case
  • Broken terminals

When you require a new battery…

We at Mobil 1 Lube Express in Port Moody install Interstate Batteries renowned for the highest quality and longest warranty. There are no hidden fees and our fair price includes the core charge, environmental fee and installation! Also there is a “no hassle warranty”, if you have a problem with the battery come back and see us at our Port Moody location for an exchange. No problem.

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