Radiator Flush in Port Moody / Coquitlam

Why it is important...

Most vehicles are equipped with radiators which maintain an engine’s operating temperature. It is important to check…

  1. Your radiator fluid freeze point.
  2. Seal of the rad cap to ensure it maintains the proper pressure for your vehicle. If the seal fails your engine can overheat.
  3. We test your coolant pH to determine how long the fluid has been in your vehicle and that the anti corrosion additive package in the coolant is still protecting your engine from buildup such as rust and other inhibitors.

When you require a coolant flush…

We offer 2 options based on your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations:

  • Heavy Duty 5 Year Coolant
  • 2 Year Coolant.

Using the industries latest technology we flush the complete cooling system of old coolant and replace with the highest quality, new coolant supplied by Vancouver Island’s Pacific Rim Coolant.

Diesel engines have special requirements so we provide special testing to ensure your Diesel engine’s cooling system is properly maintained, to ensure trouble free operation.

This service can be completed in approx. 10 minutes depending on the vehicle.

We at Mobil 1 Lube Express Port Moody know how important those brakes are for the smooth functioning of your vehicle. For the best service for your brakes & rotors, be sure to visit us.

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