Going For An Oil Change? 4 Questions To Ask

At Mobil 1 Lube Express + Tires Port Moody, we know that there are many things that you might want to know about your oil change. We have compiled a small list of questions you should be asking before you pull up to your next service.

Is It Time For An Oil Change?

First off, you should understand that every car is slightly different. Vehicles will all have different prescribed times to have your oil serviced. Consult your user manual or visit a certified technician at Mobil 1 Lube Express  + Tires Port Moody to create a schedule for your next few oil changes.

What Is Included In The Oil Change Service?

There are different types of oils, filters, and even some add-ons with certain premium packages. It is crucial to find out if you need all the components of the package you have chosen. Speak to a certified technician to see what package best suits your needs and we can recommend the most affordable way to service your vehicle.

What Type Of Oil Is Being Used For Your Oil Change?

The type of oil you use is incredibly important in maintaining the long-term health of the vehicle you drive. Some vehicles only need the standard oil and can live a relatively healthy life with the cheapest option. Other vehicles need synthetic or performance oils to maintain higher temperatures, heavier weights, and other factors. Always inquire about the oil being used and ask a certified oil change technician to recommend the best one for your vehicle.

What Kind Of Filter Is Being Used For The Oil Change?

Many people don’t even know that changing the oil filter is one of the most crucial steps to an oil change. This is a step often missed by people performing oil changes by themselves at home. An oil filter not only keeps your engine oil cleaner longer but reduces the wear from sediment from older oil. More premium filters will do this much more effectively

At Mobil 1 Lube Express + Tires Port Moody, we are happy to answer all these questions for you. You don’t need an appointment to visit our location (near Coquitlam), so pull up today and our certified technicians can provide you with the best information for your car.

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